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Dr. Aparna Krishnappa - Experienced Dermatologist

Welcome to the profile of Dr. Aparna Krishnappa, a highly skilled dermatologist with extensive experience in both cosmetic and clinical dermatology. With four years of practice, Dr. Krishnappa is proficient in various treatments, including laser therapy and the safe administration of Botox injections.

Here is a summary of Dr. Aparna Krishnappa's qualifications and experience:


Dr. Aparna Krishnappa's dedication to her patients, combined with her expertise in cosmetic and clinical dermatology, makes her a trusted dermatologist in the field. With her wide range of treatments and commitment to patient satisfaction, Dr. Krishnappa strives to deliver the best possible care for each individual.

Whether you seek cosmetic enhancements or clinical dermatological treatments, Dr. Aparna Krishnappa is dedicated to helping you achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Book an appointment with her today to experience the highest standard of dermatological care.