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Dr. S. Rajasekhar MBBS (OSM) (DCP) – 28 Years of Experience

We proudly present Dr. S. Rajasekhar, a highly experienced medical professional with a notable career spanning 28 years. Currently serving as the Medical Superintendent at Century Super Specialty Hospital, located in the vibrant city of Hyderabad.

Dr. Rajasekhar brings extensive expertise in the field of pathology, serving as a Consultant Pathologist. Throughout his career, he has held various key positions, including Medical Registrar, Cardiology Registrar, Paediatric Registrar, Neurology Registrar, Emergency Physician, and Pathologist and Lab Incharge. With his diverse background, he has garnered a comprehensive understanding of multiple medical disciplines.

Notably, Dr. Rajasekhar has excelled as a Medical Superintendent in super-speciality hospitals for the past eight years. His outstanding leadership skills and dedication have significantly contributed to the growth and success of these healthcare institutions.

With a deep commitment to providing exceptional patient care and a wealth of experience, Dr. S. Rajasekhar is a valuable asset to the medical community. We are privileged to have him as part of the esteemed team at Century Super Specialty Hospital.

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