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Dr. Ram Mohan Roy is a highly regarded specialist in Internal Medicine, recognized for his expertise in the field. He currently holds the position of Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at Century Super Specialty Hospital, located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Dr. Ram Mohan Roy completed his MBBS and MD (General Medicine) and has since gained extensive experience in the field. He began his career as a Consultant in Internal Medicine and Critical Care at Mediciti Hospital from June 1995 to October 2001. He further contributed to the medical community as an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, and Critical Care at Deccan Medical College in Hyderabad in the year 2000.

Dr. Ram Mohan Roy, MD, DTCD, a true expert in his field. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he dedicated himself to the roles of a Consultant Internist and Intensivist, providing exceptional care to his patients. As a testament to his leadership skills, Dr. Roy was honored with the position of Unit Head in the prestigious Department of Medicine at CARE Hospital, where he made remarkable contributions from 2002 to 2014. His tenure there was marked by excellence and a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes.

In his pursuit of excellence, Dr. Ram Mohan Roy served as a Senior Consultant at Image Hospitals in Hyderabad from November 2001 to October 2002. Currently, he continues to make significant contributions to the medical field as a Senior Consultant Physician at Century Hospital in Banjara Hills.

Dr. Ram Mohan Roy's expertise encompasses various aspects of Internal Medicine and Critical Care. He is well-versed in diagnosing and managing a wide range of medical conditions, providing comprehensive care to his patients. His vast knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to Century Super Specialty Hospital.

With his commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services, Dr. Ram Mohan Roy ensures that his patients receive the best possible care. His dedication to ongoing professional development and his involvement in teaching and mentoring future medical professionals reflect his passion for advancing the field of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Ram Mohan Roy's presence at Century Super Specialty Hospital strengthens its reputation as a leading healthcare institution. His expertise, combined with his compassionate approach, helps patients receive personalized and effective treatment.

Dr. Ram Mohan Roy's outstanding contributions to Internal Medicine make him a respected figure in the medical community. Patients can trust in his expertise and commitment to their well-being, knowing they are receiving exceptional care under his guidance.

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