Lab test may take place behind the scenes but they play a starring role in the health care. Lab test are driving force behind 70% of diagnosis and treatment.

They help the doctor to “See” how body is working at microscopic and biochemical levels enable the doctor to choose effective solution for health problem and needs. Lab test information is critical to 70% of medical decision to be made by doctor.

We at Century Labs: Work tirelessly to serve to provide continuity of care and enable to cope up with high demand from consultant and patient by provide high quality cost effective, innovative, lab services which enhance patient’s health.

Doctor and patients are relying on our lab test information to predict the disease, determine the best course of treatment, to monitor effectiveness of treatment and to support chronic disease management programs

Century Lab is a leading laboratory in the city of Hyderabad. Lab makes every effort to ensure consistent quality, rapid TAT, high station of personal, the state of the ant equipment of latest technology continuing education programs with computerize data management.

Department of laboratory medicine provides comprehensive menu of lab test to cater ever changing needs of outpatients and inpatients including critical and emergency.

Lab is fully geared to carry out vast array of investigation that include Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Serology, Inflammation makers, infection disease maker, tumor makers department has major section of Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Lab offers broad range of routine and specialty services.

Our ultimate possible infrastructure is allowing us to provide high quality clinical analysis with accurate timely results.

All the sections are equipped with fully automated “State-of-the-Art” equipment with latest, sophisticated technology.

Dr. KVVR Lakshmi


Director Laboratory Medicine

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Dr. Sadhana


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Dr Vaishali Bhaganahare

DCP, DNB (Patho)

Medical Officer, Blood Bank

Section in equipment with fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer, electricity machine (prolyter ISE), D10 of (Biorad) ABG analyzer (Radiometer) and semi-automated and fully automated immunossion analyzer (Abott Chimilimin, Architect).

3 part and 5 part cell counters (system) fully automated coagulation analyzer (ceveron) automater ESR analyzer fully automated urine analyzer.

Highly qualified medical lab professionals, highly skilled, qualified and specially trained technical staff.

Support and run the lab services. Department is successful in meeting and exceeding all its goals due to strong efforts made by our faculty and staff.

Continuous technical education programs enhancing the standard of working for highest possible levels of quality.

Our Phlebotomist, processors and support staff are dedicated and committed to focus on the requirements to meet the needs and goals of our department.

QMS the lab conducts all its services in accordance with the international standard of ISO 15189 2012 and NABL 112.

Lab possess and implementation well defined QMS and QSP for all the activities of the lab to ensure quality at all levels.

Lab regularly conducts IA of all the activities to verify that the operation continue to comply with requirements.

MRM are conducted with the intensive to ensure the continuity and effective implement QMS for any new initiative plan to be taken to upgrade the lab for continuous improvements.

QA/ QC lab has an exhaustive QA program to monitor the every activity for desired quality.

The lab is committed to ensure quality at all levels.

QA program in well-defined apart for IQE and EQAS the lab conducts quality checks at levels of pre analytical and post analytical procedure.

Lab monitor various Quality Indicators for continuous improvements. Department has well established and documentation QC program with IQC and EQAS and ILC.

We practice stringent IQC programs of all section using internationally accepted third party control material.

IQC program is monitored and results are analyzed outlier are identified and corrective action are taken, preventive action initiated.

All the section participate in EQAS programs

Biochemistry – Biorad (international)

Haematology – AIMS /CMC vellore

Microbiology –Shankarnetralaya, Chennai.

Lab has a strong system of addressing feedbacks complaints / problems. All are addressed immediately with root causes analysis, corrective and preventive action initiated.

Quality checks are done on regular basis to identify nonconformance corrective and preventive action are initiated immediately.

QI/CI lab quality performance is monitored and evaluated at all levels by various quality indicator. Target . goal are defined for all QI trends are monitor initiatives are take for improvement.

Lab strives for continual improved on all aspects the equipment up gradation, TAT, software updation, Continuous Medical Education and Continuous Technical Education etc.

Lab services are inspected and accrediting by NABL to certifying that lab function delivers services according to the international standards.

We are proud that our lab is youngest lab in the city to get accredited.


Accreditation validation assures – accuracy, consistent performance.

CENTURY Labs stands for:

C – Committed

E – Efficient

N – Nurtured team

T – Timely reported

U – Ultimate Infrastructure

R – Reliable

Y–YES 24/7