At Century Hospital, Department of Neurology offers the best of the treatment for neurological diseases. The department is well equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies. In acute stroke coming within the window period, the neuroscientists try to maximally minimise the door to needle time in coordination with the emergency team and critical care team and take up for intravenous thrombolysis. In complicated cases we also offer intra-arterial thrombolysis along with mechanical retraction. Our state of the art MRI and the radiologists team always play a vital role in giving the patient the best treatment.

The department is also equipped with the best electrophysiological lab that helps in assessing and investigating acute and chronic illnesses with accuracy. The ENMG lab helps in diagnosing AIDP, CIDP, chronic illness neuropathies and other neuromuscular disorders. The lab is well equipped and capable of doing all the electrophysiological tests like Nerve conduction studies, VEP, BAER, Tremor analysis, SEP , SSR and EMG. The lab offers better recording of both short term and long term EEG monitoring which help in classifying various epilepsy syndromes and their effective treatment. The neurology team in coordination with neurosurgeons and neuro radiologists strive hard to give the best of the treatment and management at century hospital.

The Centruy Neuroscientists team is a dedicated and expert in its field for giving the best treatment for any neurological ailment and improving the patient outcome and prognosis. The neurologists are well trained and dedicated in work for improving the patient quality of life.

Dr. Aparna


Neuro Physician

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